Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why hate Richard Dawkins ?

Hello , People me blogging from office , and im not really supposed to do tht :P .
However, I found an answer to an interesting question I had been asking myself .
Why do so many religious people hate Richard Dawkins ?
The answer may seem apparent , he doesnt agree with them , but he doesn't stop there, by questioning their faith, he seems to offend them. Well yeah , as he says the religious can take offence at just about anything.
However, I dont think they hate him cos he doesn't respect religion , they don't hate him for 'slander' . Why they really hate him ?
Cos he's the little boy in the street yelling out that the emperor has no clothes. While all along , the perception of clothes on the emperor has been the driving force of their entire lives.


moon said...

Dawkins is as obsessed with atheism as those people are with god. As long as people are not getting burnt at the stake, there really is no taking sides here. They hate Dawkins, Dawkins hates them and the sun will still rise tomorrow.

But not to miss the point, why go to office on Sunday?!

gowri said...

nah , I disagree.
Dawkin's has given a degree of probability for the existence of god too.
They arent burning ppl @ the stake , but they are enforcing loony morals , abhoring condoms and spreading aids , slamming planes into buildings when they can

Neway its a fkkin monday and the sun did rise :(

insane said...

they fear dawkins and the questions he asks like they fear the arguments like they fear the devil.

Oink said...

Don't get me wrong here, but you seem to paint dawkins as a self sacrificing risk taking martyr here.
In his own words, his the 'logical extension of his understanding of evolution' is atheism. He is not all knowing, nor can he claim to understand beyond what science has discovered till date, which is not much anyways.
Do you hate religious fanatics ? Even if they're not strapping themselves to explosives and blowing themselves up ? well, here's the opposite end of the spectrum.
That he believes there is no god figure, is a belief in itself. What line separates that from a belief in a higher power ?
I'm no believer myself, but until things get a little less murkier, im afraid people can and will hold on to their beliefs.